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The Makana Life Cycle 

(a $399 value)

  • Easy resistance adjustment…
  • Handle bar pad to hold your iPad or laptop so you can work out with your favorite YouTube videos…
  • Sturdy metal frame…
  • Comfortable leather seat with spring support…
  • Quick access cup holder…
  • Holds up to 250 pounds…


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Free Bottle of All Day Energy Greens®

(a $39.95 value)

A Great Tasting, Health Promoting, Youth Inspiring, Plant-Based Energy Drink To Help You Live Life Vigorously!*

Free Bottle CircuMax Gold™

(a $39.95 value)

The Ultimate Nitric Oxide Support Formula with 4 AMAZING ingredients that have been shown to Promote healthy blood flow.*

Free Bottle Go Ruby Go®

(a $39.95 value)

A tasty, refreshing Nutrition-Infusion Superfood Fruit drink that’s made with 40 Kick-Butt Superfoods (PLUS 6 POWERFUL Probiotics) that rejuvenate your body and mind from the inside out!*

Free Bottle Liposomal Immuno-C Plus

(a $44.95 value)

A pleasant-tasting, convenient, and reliable source of nutrients that help support normal immune function with over 1000% of your daily vitamin C and 625% of your daily vitamin D*.

Free Bottle ImmuneBody® 65 Billion Probiotic

(a $39.95 value)

A shelf-stable blend of pre-and probiotics designed to support immune health. One small capsule contains 65 billion live microorganisms from 13 of the most well-researched strains, including several soil-based strains (SBOs).

Free Super Food Trio containing Vitality Greens™, Circumax Gold™, & Phyto Fruits™

(a $124.85 value)

VITALITY GREENS™ is our great-tasting powdered drink mix that’s made with twenty-seven unique ingredients consisting of fiber, greens, fruits, probiotics/prebiotics & enzymes for a better and more energized life!*
Phyto Fruits™ is Packed With 40 Fruits & Berries, PLUS 5 Billion Probiotics, in every delicious serving!
CircuMax Gold™ is a great-tasting powdered drink mix designed to support healthy nitric oxide levels.

Free Joint Support Stack- “3 Month Supply of Curcumend Plus, Astaxanthin, & Fish Oil”

(a $248.00 value)

3 Bottles of IVL Curcumend Plus™

an incredible Ayurvedic formula containing Merva® curcumin extract, one of THE MOST POWERFUL anti-inflammatory agents available.

2 Bottles of IVL Triple Strength Astaxanthin

the most powerful antioxidant in nature… It is 550X more powerful than green tea, 800X more powerful than CoQ10, and 6,000 X Stronger than vitamin C.*

1 Bottle of Premium Quality Mega Potency Fish Oil

Each bottle contains a 3 month supply of Wild Caught, Molecularly Distilled Natural Omega-3 Fish Oil.

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